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I’ve been writing on and off since primary school – I’d salvage the blank sections of exercise books once I knew they were done with, and write stories in them. I didn’t often finish them, but it was a good way to exercise my imagination and escape from the general horrors of school life.

Since leaving school, I’ve experimented with different styles and forms of writing, from songs and poems to short and long stories. They usually end up having romance elements, as well as drawing on personal experience – either mine, others or both. There was a time when I was more heavily into playing Sims 2, and came across forums where people used the game to illustrate their stories, which I found to be a good way to keep the creativity flowing – in fact the characters would sometimes provide their own inspiration. I’d sometimes enter contests for the same reason, and at the time found the photo-taking almost as fun as the writing.

Those days are gone now, but, for posterity’s sake, I’ve posted the links to these works on my old Sims stories site , where you can browse to your heart’s content 🙂

A bad phase of depression hit me when my medication went wrong, and my inspiration died for a long time. I could barely work, let alone write. After winning NanoWriMo 2010, I’d hoped a crack at the 2012 one would help, but it didn’t work. It was only after starting LRP and a short drama course that I finally got the creative juices flowing again; not enough for me to write a decent story, although just the act of writing again was enough to help lift me back into a good enough state to win the challenge last year.


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