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The Atari 2600 – one of the first consoles I ever had the pleasure of playing

This is something that, not only have I been into for a very long time, but also – with any luck – may lead me to a good career at some point, although that’s for another page.

I grew up alongside the gaming industry. The first ever console I played was a smaller Pong console picked up at a car boot sale, but was also playing Centipede on the old Atari console, Manic Miner on the ZX Spectrum, to name but a few. I was often down the arcade – not as in row of shops, I mean these babies:

Remember these? Those were the days..

Then the Nintendo Entertainment System came out, and, as usual at the time, I was playing round friends’ houses before I got to own one, although it certainly worked out cheaper than the trips to the arcade.

The gaming systems developed at a rate of knots after that, and although I’m not as avid a player as I used to be (mostly due to time constraints), I still have fond memories of the old games, and prefer to play them nowadays. One particular game has had an interesting knock-on effect, though:

Simming Sensations

My latest play of Sims 2 involved a double legacy challenge

I remember trying The Sims sometime after Sims 2 was in development, and not being too impressed. I was, however, pretty taken with the Sims 2 series, enough to own every expansion. One of the big pulls for me came when I discovered the art of sim-storytelling; another was the wealth of custom content created by talented players. It not only inspired my writing, but also provided an outlet – even using my self-sim to model styles to see if I’d really suit them. The male sim pictured is a perfect example – the blue theme is for a challenge, but the rest is just me experimenting.

Other game series have inspired me in other ways, and have generally influenced my interest in other areas.


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