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My first relatively successful gardening gambit (not counting herbs); Chocolate Beauty peppers

This is something I’d been interested in for a long time, but only really got into a few years ago.

Dad liked to grow tomatoes in one of the many homes we lived in, one of the few that had good growing space in a garden. I often used the border space to grow plants, with varying success. Since living on my own, I’ve only had that privilege once, and used that space to grow black tulips.

I’ve not been so lucky since moving to Leeds. I’ve tried a few times to grow tomatoes and courgettes on the windowsill, but had more luck with herbs. The peppers pictured represent my best attempt so far, where I kept the pots on my bedroom windowsill. The resulting yield of chocolate beauties didn’t get much bigger, but they were tasty – the only downside was the unwelcome visit from fruit flies that took up residence.

While I am keen to try again with growing my own food, I’d sooner wait until I’m in a decent place with a garden – my current flat’s too small, and allotments have a mile long waiting list; given my nomadic tendencies so far, I may have moved again by the time I’m given a place.

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