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Game Design

One of many incarnations of a title page for my first, and ongoing, game idea. This was designed using Bryce and DAZ Studio for a project during a Game Design course

This started after watching my brother play on a console based game making “game”. Hoping to find something more workable for him, I came across RPG Maker 2000, and while having a play to see how it worked, I developed my own ideas.

These ideas blossomed into what would be my first game, World Truths, which has evolved/mutated every time I’ve worked on it. This has taken many forms, mainly during RPG Maker updates, although I’ve also tried a few times to convert it into written form. One such try won me NanoWriMo 2010, but it didn’t convert well to story form; all other written versions are merely script for the game.

Like most of my other stories, this draws on experience, although it has also helped me find my sense of self in unexpected ways. It was inspired mainly by Final Fantasy VI with the many characters who all have their own history, yet contribute to the main, comparatively simple plot. It has also picked up features from other games during the years, and I’d love to take this into 3D when I’m more capable.

This isn’t my only game idea; I would also like to remake some of my old favourites from the Acorn Electron, and I have one or two new ideas too. When I’ll be able to sit down and get these into a playable format of some sort is another matter. Thanks to Steam and Unity, there is a new generation of “indie” game designers selling their own games, and that is an avenue I may consider later.


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