It’s been two weeks since my college group and I went on a sponsored walk to raise money for Cancer Research. It was part of a college assignment for Professional Development to build our transferable skills, but the walk itself was good fun – for a person like me who enjoys walking, of course.

The walking route as shown in Google Maps. It took us around 5 hours to complete

The idea of the assignment was to develop our organisational and negotiation skills, teamwork, leadership and various other skills, as well as raise some money for a good cause.

I took charge of the JustGiving page and ordered T shirts, while others organised the route and chaired/minuted meetings. I also spammed advertised our fundraising via Facebook and my church email list and, including a late offline donation of £10, we raised a total of £152 – some of which trickled in while we were walking.

The theme of this walk was to pass each main campus of Leeds City College, since that’s where we study our degree. The total distance, including the trip back to our base at Horsforth, is about 15 miles.

The walk itself was done on Thursday 26th Feburay 2015, on a cool but sometimes rainy day. We set off from Horsforth campus about 8:45, most of us wearing our Cancer Research T shirts and me wearing my new walking boots that I broke in over half term. Our first stop was Park Lane college, where we took a little breather as well as a photo*, before making a relatively short trip to Technology Campus.

2015-02-26 10.42.20
Technology Campus was one of our stops along our sponsored walk

After a short food break for one or two of us, we walked down to Printworks, probably the largest site, then made the long walk to South Leeds campus, formerly Jospeph Priestley. I used to live near that area, so it felt a little strange surveying the familiar scenery – I idly wondered if a certain run-down house had finally been let out after over two years, and noted that it had.

Having been spoilt with short breaks once arriving at a campus, we then faced the long walk back to Horsforth. We stopped for lunch in town, but after that it was an occasional break along the way, mostly to wait for stragglers to catch up, although those of us at the front were glad for the rest. Especially me, as my walking boots weren’t as long-walk-friendly as I thought; my feet were starting to complain, and they were louder than the ache in my legs.

Even with waiting for the others, we made it back to college in good time – around 14:45. After one last photo*, we left for home; some of us were more fortunate than others in this regard. Two of them drive, one has a shorter bus ride back, while it generally takes me about an hour to get from home to college. By the time I got off the last bus, I was half-hobbling home on aching feet and a throbbing toe, which I found out later was actually a bruised toenail. Two weeks later and it’s still black. I’ll know not to wear those boots long-distance again.

We got some good feedback for our efforts, though. One of my sponsors is the new vicar at my church, who I met yesterday. Just hearing how grateful he was that we did this made it all worth it.

*Photos taken by other group members.

Total amount raised online by the time we finished, including some of the messages from sponsors.