So, with most of my coursework out of the way, I was able to finish off my entari. 

Thankfully the rest of the work went by mostly without mishap – apart from my rotary cutting wheel breaking, so I couldn’t fashion any more binding D:

Still, adding the sleeves was comparatively easy:

Inside-out view of entari with sleeves added

Little early for the Festival of the Broken Wheel…

It only took a bit longer than expected because I added some decoration to them before-hand.

Then there was the extra trim that I added instead of binding – I was able to do this because binding at this point was just for looking pretty:

Button loops added after gold trim – which was used in place of binding

Now, before reading the instructions properly, I’d purchased button loops from ebay, but it turns out the loops were to be made *from* the binding. Still, this way was easier, especially with deadlines looming ever closer – and especially with the wheel out of action. Yes, there are scissors, but the results wouldn’t have been so good (it would have also taken longer).

The most fiddly part after that was adding buttons. I had nine of them, and I finished the job after college on Thursday x_x

This is the end result:

The finished article

It fits well, and it stood up to a weekend in the field (thankfully not muddy this time!), even with it being snagged pretty badly by then and somewhat crumpled. I quickly learned that one of the best parts about life in the Brass Coast, is that no one cares how well or badly your costume’s put together, so long as it’s within the brief. I even got complimented by my old group on the costume 🙂

Typically, afterwards I noticed the last button loop had snapped X( Oh well, it’s got me some good practice for Freeborn costume – may even be able to add more pretties to it for further use.